A mad mad world!!

I just came back from a parallel universe, a world where people are so weird. A world where people talk crazy shit.  If you don’t believe me, check this out. I got around their social networking site and these are the comments I found.

Hey this picture of you sucks. Your face has bloated like a bloody potato and looks like your husband f***s you badly every day. Happy married life anyway!

Just kidding man. You are f***ing dumb ass, a no good son of bitch who has no talent whatsoever. You work in a lousy company; get a pay check as lean as you. Basically you are a loser. Just kidding man. See I put a smiley here. 😀

I am not interested in that ugly little kitten that’s pissing on your face right now, but I am going to like it anyway just in case I need to get into your pants.

I am single, depressed and haven’t had a boyfriend forever. Here’s attaching a blog post on “7 reasons why Arranged marriages are better”

My Englishha suck. I don’t no to peak propera. Here’s a quote “Communication skills aren’t the only trait, there are a lot more traits to see in a candidate – Loser”

Is that your baby? For a second I thought you bought the Chihuahua that we were talking about.

I don’t know shit about movies. I don’t know jack about F1 cars. But I am going to write about them as it makes me look cool. Hell yeah QT is back. Bloody awesome yeah!

I am all for equality of women. I mean there are places other than the kitchen for them. They have to get out and experience the world. HEY EASY THERE BITCH!  I SAID NO TEETH!

I don’t seem to understand the humor in this.HAHAHA AWESOME MAN!!

This couple is a complete mismatch. The wedding invitation should have read Tyrannosaurus weds Meerkat.  

I don’t get any attention. I am going to put up a picture of a dying African baby and ask people to cry for a second. Each tear drop increases the per capita income of that country. Please cry.Please help.

I am f***ing jealous that you are in my dream location with a rich guy. But still I won’t ruin your life my talking about your ex boyfriend here.

I hate this materialistic life. Anyway here’s my click of my recent Alps trip, with a DSLR camera, and uploaded from my IPad.

I am going to like this, just in case no one thinks I am an uptight asshole.

Wasn’t that a mad mad world with mad mad people? Or are they?




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