Genius or a Fruit?

“You really think this guy is a genius? Looks like a nut” quipped the producer. The director looked at the buck-toothed, pot-bellied middle aged actor. He couldn’t agree more. But something in him spoke.

“Look at the guy! If he truly believes that he can become a star, then he’s a nut. But if he isn’t and he’s just faking, he’s a genius isn’t he?” said the director.

“I don’t get it” said the producer.

“Keep making a mockery of yourself and you will end up being liked by people. Remember Andy Kaufman?” asked the director.

“He was a genius! Don’t even compare—“

“It doesn’t matter. The sadistic mind of people would help him rise. With all their sorrow and disappointments in life, if people can come and laugh at a man hard, wouldn’t that be great? Everyone needs a punching bag?”.

“So you are saying that we launch him?” This talentless shit!”

The actor suddenly broke into his dance routine. He didn’t know that he was being watched, or maybe he did. The guy was a genius. It was awful to look at in the beginning, but it got better. The embarrassment turned into joy. The ugly turned into funny.

“Let’s just go with the flow! You know people don’t you? You don’t need talent, you just need to connect. “said the director.

“Let’s just hope this fruit makes us some money! And I hope he doesn’t get too much” said the producer.

“He might make some money, but not much. Once the laughter goes, he goes.”

“Alright put him on. Call him in. Damn it’s a whore business” The producer slammed his hands on the table.


If you can’t make a genius out of you, make a fool out of yourself. Chances are, you might be called a genius.


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