A Special Day

 I have never exactly been on time in meeting my girlfriend. But the eternal optimist in me always promises to be on time and always messes it up. It has lead to battles more colossal than few civil wars and even a World War. But today was a special day. I couldn’t afford to be late.
It would surely have wicked consequences. But as fate had it, I woke up to find out that the hands of the clock had moved faster than I thought.

My visualization of the deadly image of my furious girlfriend resulted in extraordinary dexterity in me which evades me even in times of peril. If there was a competition between me and a road runner that day, I would have made mince meat and light work out of it.
Somehow I had a feeling that most men were late on that day, and were frantically rushing towards their girl’s place. But it wasn’t about other women. It was about mine and I was sure that my girl was going to forgive me. She wasn’t the one who would remain moody even after my apology. After a lot of hustle and bustle, I reached her place. The serenity of her home was always special, at least to me.

I sat close to her, and as she slept there peacefully. I wondered if she was mad at me. Was she or wasn’t she? That was the important question. But I hope she would understand that I was late, not by intention but by accident. For 10 long years, I have greeted her every single day, and on very few occasions have I come early. It wasn’t anything new.
But today was very special. It was a day where I wanted to tell her how much I love her? How much I care for her? It was a day to express my unconditional love to her.
I took out the bouquet and placed it near her legs. I wanted to wake her up and hug her badly. But I didn’t want to disturb her and make her even more livid.
I just looked at her for minutes which felt more than they were, stood up and moved away. I didn’t want to shed tears and wake her up. She hated me crying.
I walked away, and after moving few meters away from her, glanced back and read the words engraved on her bed.


Jennifer Smith

I whispered to myself “Happy Valentine’s day sweetheart!. Take care. See you soon”. I would be back tomorrow. Hope I would not be late. That’s what I said to myself. Well I guess the eternal optimist in me never dies.


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