The Hands under the Debris

The hands that made your branded attire are reaching out for help from the debris. Those skilled hands which made you look spic and span, which made you feel confident, which made you warm during winter, which made you feel beautiful, are desperately waiting for help.

So what can a consumer do? Lest we shun those brands and stop buying, the families who earned 40 $ a month would go penny less. The American brands are threatening to leave, but why? They left China to reduce production costs. And now in the fear that safety measures would make them spend more, they want to move on.  Another country which is desperate for jobs will become slaves to these imperialists, who see nothing but profit margins. Did the world fight a war against communism for this?

If facilities are improved, the cost is put on the consumer. And if the costs are low, workers in factories face lousy working conditions, which can put even U-Boat men to shame.  But why should the consumer and the worker suffer? The world is run by greedy businessmen who exploit each one of us, be it the worker in the factory or the buyer in the consumer market. Can’t the companies spend few billion for women who are the reason behind those luxurious cars and lavish villas? Can’t the companies give 3 decent meals to these women who are the reason behind their sumptuous buffets? 90 billion $ are made annually through manufacturing in Bangladesh, and according to reports, 3 Billion $ would ensure safety measures are implemented. So where are those imperialists? Where are those people who cried for the lives of the Boston Marathon victims? Are these lives in Bangladesh less important? Are these lives mere statistics?

Western brands need to stay in Bangladesh. The government should put pressure on the brands to improve facilities there. Sins may be committed, but redemption can be done. These incidents will occur in future if the brands move out to a different country. Third world countries have deep problems within their system. And first world countries should help them in order to help themselves.

Shun celebrity endorsements, shun the heavy pay checks that these so-called management professionals receive, shun the greed and we can provide a safer environment for the workers

The Walt Disney Company is one of the giants to outsource it’s production to Bangladesh, and it has decided to pull out. It’s not enough to produce “fairy tale” endings in film; it needs to be replicated in real life too.



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