Art vs Commercial – What separates them?

The Critic's Cut

Over the weekend, I saw two movies that are placed on opposite ends of the spectrum. While Singam 2 had the dynamics of a roller coaster ride in a theme park, Lootera had one of a houseboat in Kerala backwaters. It would be futile to place one film over another as art is subjective, and hence there can’t be a winner. But what really intrigued me to write this piece was the reaction of people to both movies and the misconception of people towards the classification of movies. While some people grew restless in an energetic way while watching Singam, most grew restless due to boredom watching Lootera. People were forgiving towards the glaring loopholes in Singam 2, while some poked around at logical errors in Lootera.

So what makes people look at so called “art” movies and “commercial” movies in a different manner? In fact, what really…

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