A Bit of……

A bit of music in words, a bit of words in music.

A bit of creativity in curriculum, a bit of curriculum in creativity.
A bit of enthusiasm in the moody, a bit of moody in the enthusiast.
A bit of sport in office,  a bit of “office” in sport.
A bit of nonsense in Art, a bit of Art in nonsense .
A bit of crude in talent, a bit of talent in crude.
A bit of lust in love, a bit of love in lust.
A bit of calm in the storm, a bit of storm in the calm.
A bit of justice in guns, a bit of guns in justice.
A bit of contentment in love, a bit of love in contentment .
A bit of order in the mayhem, a bit of mayhem in order.
A bit of fun in study, a bit of study in fun.
A bit of “kid” in the adult, a bit of adult in the kid.
A bit of faith in reasoning, a bit of reasoning in faith.

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