Uncle Sid

Let me be honest, I returned home from work only for Uncle Sid. Man is he awesome! The moment I have him, it feels amazing! I don’t understand why talking about it is such a taboo. I reach the moon when he is inside me. Life wouldn’t have been the same without him. Some bastards tell me that I should not be doing it. But who cares! I am not behind him! The god damn Uncle is sticking to me. 
He came close. My mind ordered to shoo him away. Heart wanted him badly. F*** the mind! Let me have a romp with Sid. The euphoric state was reached as soon as I felt Uncle Sid. As the hungry wolves howled, strange sounds arose from the house; Panic never struck me. The hooting of an owl or water dripping from the tap ain’t getting you scared if you are messing around with Uncle Sid.

KNOCK! There was a knock at the door. In one second, I was there standing at the entrance. Or was I? I felt I was there. In another second, I found myself flat on my butt looking at it.
I rose, and walked. Walking was screwed up. It was as if I was floating in space. Gravity ain’t the same if you have Uncle Sid. “Who the hell is it at this time?” I spoke in fatigue.
“Can I come in?” a woman replied in a strange voice. A voice which seemed too deep for a woman, but too soft for a man. It wasn’t a scary voice, but it wasn’t one of an angel. I could sense an ugly scar face behind the cobweb crammed door. 
“Who the hell are you? What do you want? “
“Is Uncle Sid there? “The voice had desperation in it. Maybe she wanted him badly. But I ain’t sharing Sid so easily. It’s tough bringing him amidst snooping cops. The law can screw me big time if I get caught.
“Get the hell outta here! I don’t have him! “ 
“Could I come in? It’s freezing outside”, she said. I was sceptical. But this voice had pain; it had anxiety. 
I opened the door to find a woman was sticking her face to it.
For a second, I was taken aback. The wrinkles on her face indicated old age. The paleness of her skin and her bottle green eyes were eerie. I turned around! I didn’t want to look at her. She wasn’t easy on the eye.
“You can have him, but safe”, she nodded and approached Uncle Sid, by walked slowly; she reminded me of a walk in funerals, a walk which had a sense of tragedy and horror. 
SNAP! The power went off! Pitch darkness swallowed me, like a massive serpent gobbling up a rodent.
Hey! Watch your step! Don’t step on him! He might lose potency! Ha-ha!! I laughed in fear.

People do it. Some whistle in the dark! Some sing! I laughed in the dark. But there was no reply from the woman. There was silence. The silence which made me feel something horrific was going to happen. 
“Hey! Say something! Don’t freak me out! “
“You bastard!” the voice turned harsh. The voice had hate and vengeance. The shrillness of the voice cut through the room, more so than the chilly wind.
“Mind your tongue, woman. I will cut you to pieces” I yelled. But the fear was unprecedented. In one motion, a pale figure stood close to my face, staring at me. Her green eyes glowed in the dark; almost fluorescent in colour. The stare twisted into a wicked smile. A smile so wicked that could make you cry. A smile that could freak the shit out of you. She held my hand with the strength of a mighty wrestler, and in a flash; bit my f***ing tongue which had enjoyed Uncle Sid. 

I shrieked! Only to find myself on the bed, cosy underneath the quilt. 
F***! Everything seemed so real. A surreal dream that I couldn’t forget. I woke up, dazed and confused. I laughed at the dream and went to pee. I looked at myself in the mirror! Everything seemed fine. I didn’t look like I was attacked by a witch! Hold on! I didn’t look at my tongue.
I opened my mouth and slowly put my tongue out. And there it was! A scar on my tongue which looked more ominous than it seemed. Uncle Sid didn’t make me mad. I stood there, still like the door behind me. Will I take him tonight? I shivered with fright and looked at him.

Uncle Sid is the secret name given to LSD, A drug well known for its psychological effects.


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