Stuff Corporates should do!

Have you ever received email notifications for sessions like “Email etiquettes” and “Time Management” and other atrocious sessions? Although highly invigorating, I feel the sessions aren’t the ones which are needed to survive in the corporate world. So, I attended sessions and read books which were very useful, and I believe they would come in handy for employees. Here they are-

1)      How to backstab effectively – By  Mr Fairbrother

2)      Mr. Project Manager- How I learned to stop worrying and love “Blame game”

3)      Leveraging complex business jargons with no apparent relevance – Mr Simpleton

4)      Duck soup for the shameless soul

5)      Quantity over quality.


6)      How to write short emails with long signatures

7)      Learn “beating around the bush” in 1 day (duration – 2 weeks)

8)      Work allocation strategy – mundane jobs for creative people

9)      How to conduct a training program for no apparent reason and gain credits

10)   Tapping the talent – finding a scapegoat in a team you are leading

11)   The power of “not doing” and delegating


12)   How to weave false stories in self appraisal.

13)   Rich manager, poor employees – Creating disparity amongst employees – By Mr. Commy

14)   Eyewash for employees –( This session promises a lot to the attendees)

15)   Leader without a title, promotion without hike

16)   Body language skills to feign being awake during meetings – Mr Saporiano

17)   How stuff doesn’t work


18)   Blowing your own trumpet – By India’s leading management trainer

19)   The bad habits of highly ineffective people

20)   Corporate hypocrisy  Responsibility in you

21)   The CEO who sold his soul and bought a Ferrari.

22)   Ass kissing for dummies – By unknown

These sessions were instrumental in making me a better professional.  Are there any sessions or books that you would like to share? I would love to know.




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