Over time


Below is a satire in a form of a screenplay. Some terms which would help you in visualizing the script better.

INT or EXT – Interior or exterior. It indicates the location and time of the place.

V.O – Voice over or Narration.

The character names are in Capitals, and their dialogues below them.


int.conference room-day

Two men, dressed in suit and formal wear, sit inside a conference room of what appears to be a corporate office. We see people walking and working in the background.

analyst #1

Hello and welcome to “Over time”. Our Pre-office analysis of today’s events in this dull and shabby office.

The other analyst twitches in discomfort.


Today, we get to see the Project Kino’s Team, and whether they will get to deliver the unreasonable things that the client expects. So Ravi, do you think they can come up with the goods?

analyst #2

You just get the sense that something’s gonna give in here. You look at couple of resources, and you feel there aren’t motivated enough, are paid too low, are exploited too high, and I think they just might perish from this team.

cut to:

ext.bus stand near the office-day

As the ANALYST #1 narrates, we see a middle aged man, pushing himself out of the bus. Couple of other guys flank him by his sides. They are much younger to him.


And as we speak, we can see our team making our way into the office. There’s Sanjay, the veteran who has been at his best, doing nothing great.


Well one must give the experienced man some credit. He has been a tremendous resource in the past having done(beat)

cut to:



A lot of things. (smiles uncomfortably)


Alright let’s hear it from Mr. Manager with the analysis, having a power point presentation.

Mr.Manager stands in front of a screen, where a presentation with many flow charts and diagrams.

Mr Manager

So here, we have a detailed analysis of our team. So what I have here is a pie chart having the details of the resource, and how they actually leverage their skills. So if we look closely..

Analyst #1 has a confused look on his face, and interrupts the Manager.


Thank you for that analysis Mr Manager. The diagrams had no coherence at all. (beat) We are just few minutes away from the start of work, and since the resources go quickly for a cup of coffee and are hardly at their places, we would waste no time and cut to the work.

int. workstation -day

We see a yawning Sanjay looking at the computer screen with utter disinterest.


Ravi, do you think this is careless stuff from Sanjay and why the management persists with him in spite of it.

Sanjay picks on his nose


I don’t think so. You just have to look at his record, 2389 days in office, and still counting. And The management is the best in the world, they are bloody Number 1 and they know what they are doing.

Sanjay leaves his workplace as the clock reads 10:15

cut to:

INT.CONFERENCE ROOM-some time later

The clock reads 12:15, as Sanjay returns to his place. 

Later, Sanjay gets slammed by a person who looks like his lead, and he hangs his head in shame.


Look at the lead go. Ravi, the lead is known as lead cool. But what do you make of this? Do you think Sanjay is being made a scapegoat? The lead losing his cool in front of other team members?That doesn’t serve the team too well.

The freshers and team members talk to each other, almost laughing at Sanjay.


I think the lead has the right to do this. You have got to give it to him. He might be a mediocre, overly paid arrogant douche bag, but he is bloody number 1.

The lead has a Mohawk, and he keeps his legs right on top of the table and gives other people orders. He doesn’t do anything, and watches the other people work.


ANALYST #1 walks around with a microphone and camera and interviews people.


So what do you think of Sanjay’s performance in the team?

Audience #1


I think he’s gotta go. He has become useless. I could do a better job than him.


Do you think it might have something to do with his personal problems..


I don’t care about it. It’s time that he leaves.


I think he should stay.

AUDIENCE #3 grabs the microphone and yells


Don’t listen to him. He’s from the same state as Sanjay. Bloody regionalism!

We see a smiling ANALYST #1.


Some wonderful reactions there from the people. Right then, We have a great man with us, a legend in this industry. Do you know who we are talking about? (beat) OK I am gonna give you a hint. He’s from Andhra Pradesh.

The cameraman yells  from behind.

camera man

We got a million people from there. Let me cut the crap and show the people who the guy is.

ANALYST #1 is put off by the comment.

The camera man focuses on a fat bald man.


We have Mr. Andagunda. Hello Sir. Its great to see you again. What do you feel about the team at Project Kino, and how well are they doing?


(heavy accent)

Thanks man. I actually wented to office yesterday. I am full sad. All peoples are not working well. One one person one one type. Not good at all.


Well sir, we have our channel in Telugu as well. So the analysts will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Bleep. The camera switches off.


We see the super slow motion replays of the happenings in office.

We see a group of girls laughing and giggling with the Team lead.

We see people 3 people sitting next to each other, and each person is busy with their own mobile phones.

We see Sanjay and couple of other team members looking at them with envy.

We see groups of people chatting and laughing in ultra slow motion.

We see a hand moving the mouse in slow motion and when the hand clicks on the mouse, we hear a BANG!

We see the eyelids closing of each member in the team, and them falling asleep.


Back to normalcy.


Some Wonderful pictures of an uneventful day today.

lead cool


Sanjay rushes to the lead.


(in a calm manner)

What the hell have you done?




Can’t you do a single thing properly? I told you clearly..

The lead goes on. The analysts commentate.


This is just poor stuff Ravi.


Sanjay might have been carried away. But I do agree this is poor stuff.

We see the sorry face of Sanjay.

Back again, the clock reads 5 30. And Sanjay packs his stuff and leaves. The analysts continue.


Well Ravi, yet another day and yet another poor performance. This is just poor stuff from Sanjay. And it’s time there is some change in the team.


That’s just what the doctor ordered. The work has been pathetic, and I think the lead, even with his nepotism and political mind-set, would give this a thought.


And as Sanjay walks back to the bus stop, the crowds shout at him, and criticize him. He looks at the people, and is wary about it.

He gets into the crowded bus and pushes his way into the bus. He meets one of his friends there.


Hey! How was work?


Just another day! yours?


Same here. Hey today’s match day!


Oh yeah. I stopped watching cricket man. The douche bags are only bothered about making money.

cut to:


Note: If you want to read a better formatted screenplay, do send me your mail ID and I would be happy to send it.


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