A chocolate bar, an under-performing ghost and a “Masterpiece”

There’s a funny paradigm shift happening in the media and entertainment industry.Film makers have become excellent ad-makers as they sell their “products” through different avenues of marketing, and the ad-makers,whose sole objective is to sell a product by telling a story,are making wonderful pieces of art.
The righteous Havells Ads, the emotional Airtel Ads, and the hilarous Vodafone ads are some that are taking the shortest form of storytelling to the next level.
Advertisements can range from Wacky to Heart warming, insipid to “to the point” and downright silly to socially relevant.But only few ads can blend varied themes and different tones.
Five star’s “Chomp” Ad might seem ridiculous at first, but the more I see it, I found it to be told in a succinct manner, making it my favorite Ad is recent times.

So what makes a good story? It’s an important question, and a question for which we might not have a singular “correct” answer.
Some say it’s the characters, some say it’s the plot and some say it’s the story’s crux.For me, it’s always been structure. Aristotle wrote about it two thousand years ago and “Story” guru Robert McKee has been teaching it successfully till date,with good storytellers using it like a Bible.

The “Chomp” Ad follows a structure where the conflict of the central character, the ghost, is introduced quickly into the story, the story progresses on conflict and the resolution of it
brings about the satisfying ending.
Firstly, an under-performing ghost is a brilliant creation. I, for one, related to his failure at his job. I can’t speak for the “successful” others.
The “Ghost” breaks down, and as the supporting character, whose nonchalance at seeing the ghost cracks me up every time, offers the Chocolate bar, only
to resolve the Ghost’s conflict, resulting in his own “demise”. Even in the ad world, a good deed never goes unpunished.
The story sounds silly, but the characters, the acting which is so important in ridiculous story lines, and the crux
of the story connected with me.
Does this require a blog post? Some would say no.But I guess I connect with the Ghost in one way and that made me write this.
Koi Nahi padta mere posts ko. Kaisa Writer hoon mein



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