A script which I wished to make!

Thanks for inspiring!
Thanks for making me daydream!
Dreamt of making this with you!

Posthumous Perks


One thought on “A script which I wished to make!

  1. Good one Sanjay.. Yes, KB sir fits in well but that sympathy could be because of his recent demise. Of course he hardly made any good movie recently while directors in other linguistic nativities still give us good ones. KB has already enjoyed his chance of stardom. One of the greats who haven’t got their due is director Mahendran. He was under-rated much at his times. If you ask your dad and other elderly people Mahendran brought those short crisp scenes into Tamil cinema with lesser dialogues and one of its first kind those days. The current generation knows Sivaji, MGR, Kamal, Rajini, KB, Mani Ratnam, Balu Mahendra, Bharathiraja.. But I don’t think Mahendran is known as much as these ones. When I was reading it I could def. relate it to him.

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